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yeah I don't get how guys buy a Kemper and then start selling off their amp collection. I won't do that, in fact I'll probably buy a few more amps but I find I use them less. Honestly for a lot of the commercial work I do, recall is a big part of it so I used plugin amp sims for a long time.

What gets me are when guys keep saying "the kemper is only good for metal or buzz saw sounds". That's just wrong and to keep saying it doesn't make it right. It's amazing on bass! I think one of the biggest changes in my recordings happened when I started using it on bass. But bassists haven't had an issue with transistors. Also I'm just not going to have a B15, an SVT, a Reddi and Aguilar DI laying around.

I've used the Kemper for jangly electric 12 string parts, a killer baritone with trem, a lapsteel pad with too much verb, an in your face Prince funk part, a fuzzed out lead, an 80's rock lead with wah, a metal body reso slide solo, twangy telecaster tones AND a heavy low Diezel amp thing....and that was just in the past few weeks!

So, back to the OP's question...yes, the Kemper is a lot better than the amp sims I've used and I've used a bunch of them. And I still think for recording in an apartment, a sim of some sort is the right choice. Don't take my amps.