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Crowd microphones setup for live recording

Hi! I was wondering what are you guys using for picking up crowds for a live recording. I use a lot of Shotgun microphone normally, MKH 416, MKH 60 and something the 418 when I can. I also add MKH 800 TWIN. Lately I did add to the whole thing a pair of Shure SM81 and a pair of KM 184 At the FOH (which I rarely do, due to the delay and the PA exposure) But the result was surprisingly good! I always try to put most of the mic aligned with the PA with a few exceptions in places that are hidden from the PA if possible. I am going to try to add some omni lavalier here and there for the next gig.
I also had good luck in good sounding theatre with omni DPAs hanging from the ceiling and use them only between songs so I don't get too much PA in them.

Let me know what setup you had good luck with.