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A lot of it depends on what you’re recording. If you’re working on the new Chris Stapleton album, BFDR all the way, preferably the one Dumble tweaked for Dave Cobb.
If you’re using virtual instruments and don’t want to have to record with headphones on all the time, the Kemper is better.

The Kemper is like a keyboard with 1,000 sounds. Is it as cool or more fun than a real B3 or a Steinway, no but it’s VERY useful.
I’ve made money using a Rockman, a Pod, a GT5, a crappy little Zoom thing, Logic’s Amps, Amplitube, GTR Rig, Scuffham, Bias, pedals and a DI, AND vintage Marshall, Fender and Vox amps. The only thing they had in common is that I got a useable sound out of them and the clients were happy.

If you don’t want to spend a bunch, just get Amplitube or other sim and some of the new Celestion IRs. A vintage amp is a much better investment and infinitely cooler but do you have mics, a good pre, a treated room and a tech to service it because that’s all part of using it. That said, you’ll pry my ‘68 SFSR from my cold dead hands because THAT’S the best amp on the planet and kicks a deluxe Reverb’s ass everyday!

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