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Not sure why bedroom level recording is much of a problem with a real amp. Some if not all of my amps, even the 100 watters, sound absolutely amazing clean at whisper levels, and I don't seem to recall it being a problem getting great overdrive/distortion tones from the right pedal at comfortable volumes. I'm away from home or studio now or I'd try it. It's been a while since I got distortion from anything but a very loud amp. But I expect great distorted tones at low volume with pretty much any amp turned down and a pedal.
My '65 Vibrolux that I've been playing through for 30 years doesn't really do it's thing until cranked to about 4.5 - 5. Sure it's a decent clean tone before that but getting the rectifier sag and power tube grind is the special sauce.

Do I think a Kemper can 'replace' a full blown tube amp. Not quite. However for the price of a couple vintage or boutique amps (or even one) you have a veritable swiss army knife of a tool that's pretty close and you have 100s of amp tones. For most home recording hobbyists who may be short on space, have volume restrictions and limited budgets that 'not quite as good as a real amp' gets outweighed by 'close enough and super flexible'. Session players who might want to dial up a number of tomes for a tunes quickly might find it useful.

That's my take. I don't even have a sim.. but I may need one. My stepdaughter moved into our tiny house with 2 babies. So cranking my Vibrolux, Bogner, Komet etc will not be possible a lot of the time.