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It would seem to me that deselecting VT would be enough to give you what you need. In other words with VT off you should be able to set values as you choose before enabling read/write. Then when you do enable those two and touch a fader in for example "touch" mode it should write automation starting at where that fader was which in turn means that the starting value will be written as an initial auto node as well as end node (once you cease touching the fader / punch out).

Or am I missing something?
That might well be the case, thanks, good point. I'll check that.

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.... then have a macro that does the following:

1. Set start point of loop range to cursor/playback head's current position (this may need to be two steps, not sure)
2. Enable fill to loop

This way your loop range would now have moved to the point where you would normally have pressed "write to end after stop". If the macro is sufficient then once fill to loop is enabled I'd imagine it'd still write to loop. It's possible that you'd also need to set preview and/or possibly re-touch the parameter to trigger write for that newly set loop range, and then have your punch-out be manual, via a key command or automatic.
Great Idea, I'll try that. And after fill to loop it however has to go back to how the loop was before for the entire loop, but I guess even that could be possible with Nuendo.