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Not for my logic. In post (and in music) I like to be able to work in an unautomated session until I like my settings. Lets say that's my rough mix. Let's say it is only one song to make it simple. In every automation system that I know (Harrison, Neve Flying Fader, Protools, ) if I go to Bar 20, set the automation system to on (engage read/write for all tracks) and I punch in automation, whatever was before that punch will be as it was. In Nuendo for that you have to set the initial values.
I might be wrong here, but I think you might have done two things at the same time and that's why you end up with the functionality you do - if you deselect VT you should have the behavior I think you're looking for, but if you also create auto nodes at the top automatically then of course those will be valid and any subsequent changes later in the timeline won't change them.

It would seem to me that deselecting VT would be enough to give you what you need. In other words with VT off you should be able to set values as you choose before enabling read/write. Then when you do enable those two and touch a fader in for example "touch" mode it should write automation starting at where that fader was which in turn means that the starting value will be written as an initial auto node as well as end node (once you cease touching the fader / punch out).

Or am I missing something?

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moving faders in the first few bars, after that I want to leave my level constant to the end of the cue, but with an offset of 2 dB. In ProTools you would engage the Automation Boundary Loop. You would start to make your fader moves for the beginning and then press "write to end after stop" and the end value you will have it to the end of that Cue. that feature is kind of important for me, but I can live without it. Easy in ProTools, easy with Flying Faders, Easy with Harrison Automation. Or do I miss something and it can be done in Nuendo?
So I think the start point of auto write is the problem there. You're right that if you set "loop" as the fill parameter and your loop is set to the entire cue you'll just go over the ramp at the beginning, so that won't work. And you're right that if you set "to end" it'll overwrite subsequent cues.

What I would recommend you try though is creating a custom macro for automation and range selection modes. I haven't tried this, but I would imagine that there is a command for trimming the beginning of your selected range, so I would think the workaround would be to first set the loop range to the entire length of the cue, and then have a macro that does the following:

1. Set start point of loop range to cursor/playback head's current position (this may need to be two steps, not sure)
2. Enable fill to loop

This way your loop range would now have moved to the point where you would normally have pressed "write to end after stop". If the macro is sufficient then once fill to loop is enabled I'd imagine it'd still write to loop. It's possible that you'd also need to set preview and/or possibly re-touch the parameter to trigger write for that newly set loop range, and then have your punch-out be manual, via a key command or automatic.

Anyway, I'd look into possibly creating a macro for this if it is helping your workflow out. Might be better than nothing.