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This list does not make much sense unless its split into:

Best wavetable synth (Massive, Surge, Serum etc)
Best virtual analog synth (Diva, Legend etc)
Best physical modeling synth (AAS etc)
Best modular synth (Reaktor, Zebra etc)
Best Rompler synth (Spectrasonics etc)
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Good suggestion, but even then the lines blur. Omnisphere isn't a ROMpler synth it's a synth than can also be a ROMpler, if that makes sense. At it's core, it's a synth that makes it easy to use samples and presets and blend it together.
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I tought about that too but forgot to write it in the previous post: Overlaping synths can appear in more then one list.
Interesting observations, we'll keep that in mind for the upcoming lists.

Thanks for the suggestions!