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Wow, what an honor to have, Toast on this thread! For those that may not know, Toast is the bassist for 'The Band Called Fuse!"

Thanks for chiming in brother, Toast! Officially, your first post on Gearslutz and of course, this forum!

working on the post production for this project was quite special. On the audio side, if I remember correctly, we mixed 15 tunes in about 41 hours for the first pass. And, those mixes stayed as the "rough" mixes until we finished all the video post for the songs. Then you folks put together your notes and we did our second pass and spend another 9 or 10 hours mixing the audio for the music videos and additional tunes for the CD and singles. It was quite amazing mixing 48 tracks of jammed packed audio tracks for 15 songs on 50 or so hours. Just over about three hours a tune if you average it.

Where we spent the bulk of the time in post was in the video edit. We edited in sets of three songs, and took about a week per set. I believe we spent about 80 to 100 hours at the edit bay per three tunes. And, it was all well worth the effort.

At one point we had 12 individuals on that tiny stage, yet we maintained a lot of separation and "good" leakage! Every track sounded like they were performed in an isolation booth. Even the drums and voices. I've heard more leakage on studio tracks than what we were able to achieve.

Toast, I know you're a super busy guy, but I hope you will have a chance to answer any questions, our thread posters may ask you about.

Oh, and nice seeing you folks last month. It's always a pleasure to hang at the compound with 'The Band Called Fuse' and their awesome friends and family!

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I remember seeing the special effects from these first videos on board Elroy and being amazed at how it looked with all the different people and scenes fading in and out of each other, and as mentioned in earlier posts the sonic separation was astounding. Early in the mixing stage Steve played me one of our tracks which had acoustic guitar on it (I think it was "When You're Ready") and soloed the guitar and it sounded like the guitarist was alone on stage. And that stage was pretty packed!