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Where can I get premade MIDI clips like chime glissandos, risers, drum rolls, just about anything that an average producer needs but not a master of?
Once or twice a year, XLN Audio has a 50% sale.

Their Addictive Drums II is excellent. To go along with the various drum kits they sampled, they also hired a number of drummers to play and record drum riffs of all types that you can use royalty free.

So yes, there are already some great MIDI paks you can buy and use, tweak, adjust, add to, etc., on whatever instrument you wish to use them on. Currently $20/pak, but like I said, they'll be half off again so you can get them for $10/each sometime in the year, and always during Black Friday come late November.

I think though, you have to own Addictive Drums II to be able to get them. Once you have them, you can import them into a MIDI track in your DAW and separate them from the Addictive Drums II instrument, but I think you have to have the AD 2 first, to get them into your AD 2 plugin, from which then you can export them out of AD2 and into your DAW.