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Seeing as you came off sounding like a high priest of the 'only real tube amps' cult what did you expect?
I did not attack anyone, just stated my opinion.

I call a truce with the Cult of Sim. No personal attacks.

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Season Greetings to All and Sundry.....

" A limited and little knowledge is a dangerous thing"

Father Christmas

This clip is a good example of the tones the Kemper produces.

Glossy. Polished. Flawless. Level. Homogeneous. Artificial, processed sounding.

All Kemper recordings I've heard share these qualities, regardless of genre, clean or distorted. I know you will argue the Kemper doesn't have its own tone, it can be made to sound like anything. Well, it has its own tone and character to my ears.

Does not sound like a blackface, or any real amp to me. It's nice, for that kinda glossy, one-dimensional tone. Reminds a bit of solid state amp maybe - but not quite that either. It sounds like what it is - the best amp sim.

If you disagree, if the Kemper is your be all and end all, more power to ya.

I can definitely see the Kemper working in some applications. It's good, ok? But it is not the same animal as a guitar amp. it is definitely a simulation. And to say there is nothing lost for whatever is gained is not accurate.

For a guitarist wanting authentic Fender blackface goodness... no. For that, I'd recommend getting a vintage blackface. Any day of the week. A blackface, or any good tube guitar amp, is incredibly versatile, can be made to sound great for any genre. To me, Kemper seems more limited by comparison due to its prevalent characteristics, even though it is touted as the exact opposite. I can see the knives of the Cult of Sim glimmering. I am sure it is easier to dial up a wide range of tones on a Kemper than it is to mess around with amps and pedals and all their settings (and cabinets, and mics). But there is a compromise in sound. To deny this is misleading. The question is - is this an acceptable compromise for the recording artists. For most, the answer is no, especially in the studio.

Not sure why bedroom level recording is much of a problem with a real amp. Some if not all of my amps, even the 100 watters, sound absolutely amazing clean at whisper levels, and I don't seem to recall it being a problem getting great overdrive/distortion tones from the right pedal at comfortable volumes. I'm away from home or studio now or I'd try it. It's been a while since I got distortion from anything but a very loud amp. But I expect great distorted tones at low volume with pretty much any amp turned down and a pedal.

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