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And here comes the attacks and hostility from the sim cult - right on cue.

If it can sound really good for blackfacey styles and sounds, link something (in a full mix). Nothing like that on the Kemper discography. I'm sure everyone would like to hear that.

If you are telling dude a Kemper can do what an actual blackface does hands down, you are being disingenuous and misleading.
Seeing as you came off sounding like a high priest of the 'only real tube amps' cult what did you expect? My limited experience with sims, and very old ones at that. Early Pod versions. If you work at it you can get good tones. Most presets aren't very good. But that was 15 years ago, they've come a long way. For an apartment/bedroom situation for home recording it's just fine. Otherwise some sort of amp/iso cab setup.