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Old 10th December 2019
I think I WAS actually reading a uncompensated FR graph of the Ety actually. Thanks for calling that to my attention. I've been reading A LOT.

It's been close to 15 years since I worked with Etys and the act I was with decided to move away from them due to reliablity issues, cable noise, and lack of enough low end for the bass player and drummer.

That said, I did just read up on the new ER3 XR's and the ER2 XR's and for the price, I'm interested in giving them a shot again. I'm pretty sure I won't dig the cable (although it looks improved over the original ones), and I read that it's a proprietary MMCX with no other cable options available from Ety, but for the price I could keep a spare set around if I thought it was 'the one'.

Having studied a crap ton of FR graphs though, I'm debating changing my phylosophy about a linear response in favor of a 'common denominator' approach where I get a IEM that sounds similar to the majority of popular models (JH Layla, UE 11 ect..) Several of them seem to be barking up the same tree I think.

I'm in Vegas next week and I'm looking around to see if JH, 64 or UE have any place I can demo there but nobody has gotten back to me and I'm not on a tour currently, so I'm not going to make an appointment with anybody.