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Yeah, it's part of the design and I don't understand it either. More often than not when I tried to work using VT I ended up pressing stop and losing any parameter I had just tweaked. To me that's pretty much useless. It would have made far more sense to simply not read any automation at all when the playhead is at a location where no automation is written. Uncharacteristically illogical for the German programmers I think.

Its really hard to believe that there is no deeper sense. Still trying to find one. Yes the way you describe it is how it should be. Basically a new fader, that you can play with to adjust levels on territory's with no automation. If a territory with automations come the fader could quickly take those values, ok, but then it should release it to the level that it had before the automated territory came. That would then really be something cool and something that protools can't do.