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The Nuendo automation is tailormade for Post-production.
Which means that everything is automated, and wherever and whenever you re-open a project, all things (volume, plugins presets, EQ settings) snap back to their correct values. No accidently moving faders, or having plugins recalling incorrect values.

This requires writing initial parameters at all times. That's how we start each and every project.
When working with Virgin Territories, in the end we Always "close gaps", finishing/completing the automation on each track, from start to end.
Any parameter that is not "locked in" with automation is a potential hazard when you re-open, or someone else reopens a project.

Ok, I am good with Post -Production, I am a scoring mixer doing really large Scoring for German cinema movie. I do this in ProTools, which I know since over 20 Years. It is not so easy to become as good in another program quickly:-)
All clear, ok, I set the initial value, it is not a big deal, but what is the reason that you could choose to not do so?

Same with virgin territory, if you have to fill everything (I did not found a way to do that quickly), why work with it? there must be an advantage that I have not seen. If I don't use it, and if I set initial values then most work as expected.