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Old 10th December 2019
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In case there is any Nuendo-Automation Crack here, I am looking for useful information about the "Virgin Territory" thing. Seeing this, it looked like a great idea. Only have Automation on where you actually wrote Automation. Be free with the fader on all other parts. But it does not seem to be integrated logically to me. If you are at a so called "virgin territory", it indeed does not show any automation graphs, and allthough you already have graphs earlier, at the virgin territory domain during playback you have again free faders even if you are in read mode. But if you press stop they jump back and you last your new faderpositions that you created for that part. If this is a feature I don't understand it. Also for Plugins it means, that if I change a parameter later in my session things might change earlier in the session. If you dont' want this in virgin territory mode you must have "punch assist" engaged, but that creates a lot of datas. It seems like if I want to be close to an automation logic on which I can automate very large session with several songs I have to:
- not use Virgin Territory
- I have to create initial Automation Events at the start of the session, because otherwise if I mix my first song without automation, then go to the next cue, automate new levels for the 2nd song with write to loop, it still kills my first song, because it creates then a ramp from the start to my session of the 2nd song. (because the initial automation values don't correspond with the values of your fader that you put without automation. Not a big deal once you know it, as there is a button to set those values, but also here, I would like to understand the logic. What would be the advantage of not having linked those initial values?
The Virgin Terretory thing is however what I have my problems to understand it.

At the end what is most important for me (and I think every professional mixer): Being able to have multiple Cues (or several songs) in one session. Mix one of the Cues (or Songs), then mix another but you want to be abolutely sure you won't be able to destroy the Song you already mixed. On every old Automation System, be it SSL, be it Flying Faders etc. you had very clear automation boundaries. In Nuendo, as well as in ProTools you have to deal with the Loop, but in both systems this is not totally safe and you have to really know what you are doing to make sure after having mixed the 10th cue (song) that the first one is still as it was mixed when you did it.
Testing Nuendo now for this need. In ProTools that works quite will, but there are several bugs, that actually will kill all your other mixes expect the one you are working on.