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I do a lot of session work and have a Kemper and a BFDR as well as other amps.
The Kemper is a great recording tool and it’s amazing on bass. I actually think it might be better for bass than guitar.
The new rig manager editor makes the Kemper a lot easier to use and there are a ton of tonal colors and effects if you like to experiment.

I’ve used most of the plugin amp sims for years and to me, the Kemper is much better. It’s pretty hard to make a Deluxe Reverb sound bad but depending on the profile, the Kemper can sound great or terrible. Just because you own a great amp doesn’t mean you can record it well and a profile is the amp PLUS recording chain. I use real pedals in front of the Kemper and I typically use plugins for effects and that gives me the best sound with the most versatility.

If I were heading to a quick gig or if the house were on fire I’d grab the deluxe. If I were touring and had to be on in ears, I’d use the Kemper. For recording at all hours, Kemper.

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