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Interesting. I have some old V4s (dark grey, black tweeter, V4 logo top left), and while I don’t use them as main monitors, I was always impressed with the sound from those small things. Useful to check more consumer-y hype-y low-ish end.

I heard their later offerings and found them much less impressive.

Wonder if that coincides with the change.

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Focal used to OEM components to KRK. This was back in the day when Keith Klawitter started, ran, and designed the products for the company. Something went bad and Focal stopped supplying drivers to them. I believe this is after Stanton bought the company and ****ed it up beyond repair. They then started using Chinese products in their lower end lines and pretty much stopped anything to do with the high end product. The company now sucks and every product they makes suck ass. Keith and Craig were the guys who built great speakers with great components. Not it is just a formerly famous good name with absolute junk for parts.

To answer the question? I haven't a/b them side by side but considering the drivers and the design and the quality of the Focal product I would venture to say that it sounds better than the former glory days of KRK.

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