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Old 10th December 2019
Here for the gear

I’m an Ableton 10 and Element user. I only have stereo paired inputs when browsing the channel link menu in the FX Rack. This seems to be a consequence of Ableton not actually having mono tracks. I’ve never really cared about that until now. Turning on the FX Rack link between an Ableton track and an Element input forces the input to be stereo paired with its adjacent input.

Since the inputs get stereo paired, my signal that I’m trying to record is panned completely to the left or right when monitoring through the Element Mixer.

Are there any other Element or Ensemble users who work with Ableton? I’m hoping there’s some obvious work around to this issue that I’m not seeing. If Apogee claims actual Ableton 10 support, then this workflow issue should be addressed.

The mono/stereo button to unlink the inputs should be made available, and the Control software can link a mono FX Rack with Ableton’s stereo counterpart. Or simply including a mono button for stereo paired inputs would fix the issue. Right now the only work around is turning the Main/HP1/HP2 outs to mono, which is not ideal since my DAW software return will also be in mono now.

Hope this was clear.