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Thank you for the answer. I've seen demos of tonemasters. They look pretty cool. But they are more expensive than the umpowered version of Kemper in my country. Do you think tonemasters sound better than Kemper?
In that case I’d probably just get the Kemper - the DR’s big advantage is that it’s a “real” amp, but if the Kemper is cheaper or about the same and you’ll still feel inspired playing the Kemper, then you’re getting infinitely more versatility.

Is it better at the DR model than the TMDR? I don’t know, but there are so many great fender-type Kemper profiles out there (check out the tone monkey Kemper profiles of the Tone King Imperial - GORGEOUS), that I think you could probably find as good or better tones with the Kemper anyway.

Edit: and of course you can always get whatever real model DR you like and a good attenuator separately. If there’s an amp you just fuggin love but it’s too loud, that’s what I’d do.