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Old 8th December 2019
Here for the gear

I've seen some graphs of the new Etymotic er4se and they come as close as neutral as I've seen for a pair of iems, closer than the shure ones you've mentioned as neutral (as far as I can see). Never listened to them directly but I have a pair of er3sr which should be very close, and they are incredible: the amount of detail they show is absurd, unlike anything I've heard before.

You've got to learn how to wear them properly though, push them in too little and they have no bass and too much treble, push them in too far and they lose bass again and no treble this time.
I've read it has to do with the dimension of the cavity that's left after you put them in, you have to get it just right.

I honestly wouldn't consider anything else after having tried them. Maybe ety+custom mould would do?