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Old 8th December 2019
Here for the gear

Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner - pre-Xmas DIY/decorating has gotten in the way.

I ended up going for the EW Silver or would have missed the sale and I'll also likely be doing some scoring stuff for myself, so a decent starting point at that price I think. It will be layered with other stuff, as well as processed, so nothing I get will be sat out there on it's own and means I should be able to work around any individual library's deficiencies. NOVO is still very much an option though in the new year, especially as it covers different bases, and there are always cases where a more synthetic sound is preferable. At this stage when money is thin on the ground I would rather aquire a large palette of budget options than pitch for a big library that does one thing.
Metropolis Ark 1 Is one of those up there with the Majestica - a definite if I ever have the ££