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Oui bien mais je suis Flamand, ma Francais es terrible!

If you want to find vintage Neve preamps, which to me sounds like a crazy idea because they make spot on remakes these days, I would check Vintage King or Funky Junk France perhaps.

Aurora Audio makes awesome 1073 clones, like racked preamps per 8 or EQ as a set of 8. You can mix and match. A lot cheaper than vintage Neve, maybe you can find some old Calrec preamps, they go for a lot less and sound fantastic, they hold their own against neve preamps.

Yes maintenance is easy on the SSL. I know a good technician here in Antwerp.
Pas grave l'ami je parle mal néerlandais aussi.
For the neve pres there is also the bae reeditions wich are great and cheeper than the aurora audio,even I think the sound quality isn't the same at all. Anyway it still far from these good vintage 1073. I'll go for an aurora reedition with one or two vintage one.