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It is reproducible? Seems like coincidence/bug.
Sadly, when I tried with another export I get empty MIDI tracks as expected, so this seems highly unlikely to be a feature. When I got more time I'm going to look at the export set involved again. I don't think I have any indication I've opened the set at any point beforehand to work with it, but I do have the original in Auxy. All files can be analysed, so I should be able to tell if the imported set is different. I can look over any preset systems I might have installed as well. I could have inadvertently triggered some automation.

For now, I have to consider this one a fluke. However, I think I'm going to suggest it as a feature to the Auxy team. It could simply be a user feature to tie specific groups or presets in Auxy to specific user selectable presets/plug-ins in Live. You'd need some tool on the side of Live to get the data. This could make the Auxy to finished product workflow even faster.

Of course, the API (or formats) Ableton supplies developers with for building Live sets would have to allow for this. I'm not familiar with those systems.

And also, could be the advantage is too small for many. But that's not my call.

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