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Old 8th December 2019
Monitor guy looking for a flat response IEM for LIVE work?

I'm a live audio guy. I do a lot of monitors. We live in an IEM world now and they all sound radically different from model to model. Thrown in having to handle wedges at the same time and Im really starting to think an IEM with a fairly flat FR would be the best way to go unless you work for one artist and can just buy the same model IEM the 'boss' uses and call it a day.

I've been doing a lot of research on the incredibly VAST amount of pro and consumer IEM's now available and I've already done several "shoot outs" with about 10 or 12 different sets recently and the difference from model to model and brand to brand are REALLY dramatic. They all have giant peaks and valleys, the kind of peaks and valleys we go to great length to engineer out of all of our PA and reference speakers. That's what's got me on the quest for a durable IEM with replaceable cables that's got a close to linear FR.


Here's the IEM's I've auditioned that didn't come close to neutral or linear:

Sennheiser IE400 Pro's
Sennheiser IE500 Pro's
1More Quad Drivers
Fiio FH-5
Futursonic Atrios
Live Wire Custom
Etymotic ER4 and ER4P
Shure SE215
Shure SE425

I've only discovered a hand full that look like their FR is flat enough to use as a reference by studying their FR graphs on various audiophile websites:

UE 7
UE Reference Remastered
Shure SE435
Shure SE846 (with a bit of a sub bass bump)
Fiio FA-7
ItsFit R3

Anybody have an opinion or experience with any of these models or have any others to suggest? Several of them are custom-molded units and I won't have an opportunity to audition them.