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I had something wonderful and somewhat inexplicable happen. I'm not sure what to make of it.

I've used Auxy as a sketch tool for a while. It exports directly to a Live project that includes MIDI and audio renditions of the sounds in Auxy. Typically I'm not using the audio at all.

I typically start with my own template in Live containing my mixer routings, instruments and base channel effects laid out. So I'd save my template into the project folder, that Auxy has created and then I proceed to import the MIDI, which are clips in both session and in arrangement, from the Auxy-created set. These MIDI clips are more less guides for me and I typically recreate these in session. They're good starting points though, outlining the song idea.

Because I want the clips in arrangement as well, I import the whole track and then copy the clips to a suitable instrument track in my template. Today I noticed something odd at the first import step.

In one newly imported track I've found, not the devices and plug-ins that are in my MIDI track default, but a rack with one of my fav synths currently, the free TAL Noisemaker not with the default sound preset, but with a suitable preset for the part.

And then in the second imported track, a melodic abrasive bassy lead I found another fav synth Obxd, with a very suitable preset, a brass sound and not even in the factory presets, but one of the banks I've added later. This bank do not appear if I add the plug-in to a set. You have to load it.

Not only that, but in both there are also my fav channel EQ: Waves V-EQ3 with a suitable preset for the part. The pad got "strings" and the bassy lead got "lead vocal".

What theā€¦??? What is this? It's wonderful, but what mechanism is doing this? I'd assume it must be Live, but how? Has this feature been announced and I missed it? Can you influence it somehow? Perhaps Live is remembering previous imports of similar tracks? Mind blown anyway.

Any ideas about what this could be?
It is reproducible? Seems like coincidence/bug.