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Honestly, never heared about this desk.
It's like a reproduction of the API 2448.
And for the automation... how does it works ?
Time to discover something new for you
Daking is a well established brand..

It's not a "reproduction" of an api, it took the lineage from the Trident A range, as far as I know (at least from a preamp/eq perspective..)
I believe the compressors and routing are entirely Daking made, design wise speaking.

Do a search here on GS, here's GS member Skip Burrows writing a review:
The DAKING MKII Review: By Skip Burrows

Here's their website, if you scroll down you find a lot of youtube videos where they explain everything in details:

I'm not related with this company, but it's probably where I'd put my money if I had that kind of $$ and mixing (and/or tracking) needs.
This is very cleverly designed and a lot of the old daking vertical modules are praised more than the neve counterpart by a lot of talented and successful engineers fwiw.

I hope this helps,