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Old 7th December 2019
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Soundtoys Customer Service

This has to be the absolute worst company in existence as far as customer service is concerned. I bought their bundle tues and when I put in the activation code it said “no redemptions available”. I have since emailed the company about 7 times trying to get an activation code as well as called and DMd them on Instagram. They have time to post on fb but apparently don’t have time to respond to paying customer emails. I have talked to at least 5 others with the same problem and they haven’t responded to one of them either. There were multiple posts on their social media about these problems and they went through and deleted every post that had anything negative to say and anyone with a gripe about the plugs not working. They may be great plugins but this is the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Either refund me or send me a working activation code it takes two seconds!