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[the usual blurp snipped...]

Again, if you actually know anything about sound it's really pretty easy.
You mean, as much as you and your colleagues know about sound? I've heard your stuff, and believe me, my demands regarding sound are higher.

First off, the "Layla" sounds that are talked about in this context are LEAD sounds. And anybody who doesn't think that the guitar sounds (on the original Layla with Duane Allman) aren't great, stirring tones must be a little dead inside.
They're easy to replicate with each of the current top modelers, given you've got the right guitar.

"Bedroom compatible"? Why in hell would anybody want to downgrade their capabilities?

Did you read the topic of this thread? Not really, right? Do so, it may enlighten you.

To begin with, are YOU one of those "Pros"?

No, you are not.
I'm making my life entirely through playing for around 30 years by now. Guess that makes me a pro.

Apart from all that, I can recreate any of the guitar sounds I have heard from you without going through any stupid hoops such as "making my bedroom recording compatible". It's just not necessary anymore.

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