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I own a pair of krk 6000 and I would like to add a sub,
At that time which one was the sub for those speakers? Or today which one would you use?

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I have had my modded KRK 6000 for a while now. The 2-way midbass speaker got replaced with a PMC one and the tweeters are either original ones or the similar yellow Focal ones. The high is very extended and natural, not tiresome. However after these speakers I can not go back to my main 8" ones. Hovever they lack the bass so I almost always use them with a subwoofer, unless im recording vocals. But everything that is mastered good sounds good in them, anything less than that sounds exactly what I just wrote The amplification part of my KRK 6000 PMC MOD is dealt by QUAD 306 AMP.

Recently I purchased another pair of modded KRK 6000 by Focal-JMLab components. People online were acting weird over this mod, but I think the speakers are either very good and unique, or total crap. I assume the only way they are crap if I cant manage them to sound like I need to if i decide to swap out the drivers or to choose a proper amp. The crossover frequency is not known to me, I just know that its approximately around 2400Hz.

I need help in "Identifyinging the Beast"! I was looking for images of different drivers and speakers and could only find resemblance to JMLab FOCAL COBALT, FOCAL TC 120 tweeters, JMLab CHORUS 707 speaker's tweeters. I would not have access to them for another month, so I just want to address issues if there are any.. And what preamp would you recommend. I couldnt use them with my trusty and fabulous QUAD 306.

PLEASE HELP ME IDENTIFY THESE (the description upon my purchase said: "The tweeters upgraded to modded TI Jmlabs. Midbass replaced with similar Focal's"):