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Originally Posted by mgoorevich View Post
Try Animix Pro.
Also if you are willing to make it spectacular, you can make it manually by adding some delays and reverbs to the taste. What fo you need it for to be spectacular?
And btw: I had UPM1 and also Unwrap by TC.., and there is nothing that it could do and Nugen Halo can’t.

I use upmixing to expand stereo submixes within a musicmix to 5.1 (for broadcast and/or concert films)
I try to make the stereo submixes sound much bigger in 5.1.
But without certain musical elements being panned into the rear (I've had this happen, getting overheads or hihats from the rear for example)
Most upmixers can do this, but I'm kind of looking for the feeling I get from a system 6000.
Not too obvious, but obviously bigger. If that makes sense.
Thusfar I wasn't able to get this from plugins.
(Well, I was, but I'm still looking for something else)
The Halo, in my experiments was just very natural sounding, but did not make thing bigger or wider.
I have not tried the anymix, will do.