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Old 7th December 2019
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Neve vs SSL

Hi everyone,
I'm at the point where I have to go on a large analog console.
I am lucky to have a budget of 50000 euros, but I have a hard time deciding between a 4000g SSL and a Neve VR.
I have some experience on SSL but my experience with the Neve is very limited so I have a lot of questions about it:
1 \ First, is it a split or an in-line
For example if I have 48 tracks coming out of Pro Tools how many tracks will they occupy on the console.
2 \ For rooting I know that SSL has a better matrix but I think that the Neve sounds better even if it is far from an old 80 series, so what is more important.
3 \ Finally I know that there is a very good replacement of the automation of the 4000g, the THD Labs for those who might be interested, which allows you to control the console through the DAW. Is there an equivalent on for VR.
Thank you in advance for those who will take the time to answer.
PS: Sorry for mistakes or wrongful uses of words I don't speak english very well.