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I made it a point to park in your spot at Criteria whenever I could.

I thought I saw a new oil spot when I got back. heh

Do you use things like the IBP?

Nope, eye ball. I try to align the capsules as best I can.

Drum tones eh? Like a lo fi effect type thing?

Lo fi--sorta, but thats not really the goal. The goal is power + size. The distortion brings out a ring in the room, mostly on the snare, that has a Bonham-esque character. "Whaaacckkaaaaaaaa"

I assume you use DI's when using these. Any DI prefs?

Yes, but not usually DI boxes. Normally the 1/4" inputs on a pre like a Neve 1073 or the Vintech X73i's. There's a Manley 1U rack DI I like (don't know name--maybe it's DAMM). But don't actually have a fave DI box.

Chrometone is sick. As i understand it Pensado helped develop it. The triggering for effects with different thresholds is just crazy flexible. It's one of the more enjoyable newer plug in's I play with.

Yes, truly a major fan. Have not fully explored all it can do. One hell of a fun box tho.