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I think you've got it wrong. It has nothing inherent to do with digital.
It's about communication. That is the sole reason people can't leave their mobiles alone.
We are a social species and are hardwired for communication to the point that it can be abused (for instance, by social media companies).
Agreed that it has nothing to do with digital itself (but rather the power and flexibility that digital affords) but it goes deeper than just communication and basic human social behaviour. We are constantly being manipulated in ways that we are often not aware of. Our addiction and automatic response behaviours are being intentionally triggered by the tech companies.

I find this video of a senate hearing with Tristan Harris particularly revealing of what is going on. It covers a lot of aspects in a concentrated way. (There are other TED talks, interviews and podcasts with Tristan Harris that go into more details. They are well worth watching IMO).