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Don't laugh, but I bet the "Deluxe" version of the GAP-73 would sound pretty darn good too...
(but I'm confident both the LTLO stuff & the Ty Ford mentioned "Mickle" Pre mentioned in that TLM thread are superior)
Do you mean the Deluxe (which there is one or more) or the "premier", the latter simply has soldered connections rather than connectors.

I have a GAP PRE-73 III DLX - the model variant (coz there's more than one) with the selectable pad on the output transformer. I think it's a great little pre - doesn't sound that much like a 1073 to me though but it does add a certain mojo that I like a lot - it also has tonnes of gain - it's a killer bass DI - especially with the output pad on.

Various models of the the GAP pre do sound quite different - and going by the fact that the premier one is all soldered joints I guess there's no reason why anyone can't get their soldering iron out and turn their Deluxe into a Premier!