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Old 6th December 2019
I personally have not seen much of his stuff but anyone who has that much time to teach is basically going to transform into someone who falls into the category of, 'those who don't do teach' and then into, 'those who are popular on YouTube just get paid to review stuff they don't use but know about'.

It's hard to take any paid review seriously. There very are a few people on YouTube like Linus from Linus Tech Tips that will sometimes attack the brand that is paying him because he's just so big that they will send him stuff to review again because he doesn't always dis a product of theirs and they need him sometimes. But there are only a handful of people on YouTube like that and those are the people who became 'YouTube famous' early on. Pretty much everyone else will just lie to get a paycheck. If there is a flaw in a product, you can bet they're not going to tell you.

I get what you're saying. He's clearly a decent business man/marketer and he's trying to cash in on that. Perhaps he'd be better off just doing commercials and reviews on other people's channels. It's understandable that people will get annoyed. Reviews is where the money is though.

The biggest problem I have with people teaching online is that if they are too popular, they don't have time to do what they teach. There are a few pro engineers and producers on YouTube that put videos one a month or every two months. They're not popular though because the way YouTube and social media works is you have to put out multiple videos per week to become and stay popular. If you're doing videos all week, you're no longer doing the field that you're an expert in and then you just become an expert at doing videos. Doing a few videos a week is a full time job for one person once you factor in script writing and post. Once you become more popular, people expect higher standard videos.

For example, Linus from Linus Tech Tips has about 30 people per week helping create his 12 videos per week. If you're doing it yourself, it quickly becomes a full time job. If making videos is your full time job, it become more about getting money from making videos than it is about creating quality content. So that is what you're seeing.

So my suggestion would be to find people on YouTube that are professionals that don't put out many videos. You'll get better quality content.