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The 4GB file size is determined by the specification that Microsoft and IBM wrote for the Waveform Audio File Format (.wave, .wav) back in 1991. The wav file size limit is dictated the use of a 32-bit unsigned integer to record the file size header. At the time, 6.8 hours of music at 44.1/16 was deemed more than adequate. I record at a maximum of 96/24 and I have never needed to record for longer than two hour limit for a 24/96 stereo wav file - most orchestral pieces are considerably shorter than this. Even Wagnerian opera has intermissions on at least two hour intervals. But even so, if longer recording is required, the 'seamless' creation of sequential new files when the 4GB maximum size is reached seems like a workable solution.
As Doug has discovered here, auto-save in Reaper seems to be virtually instantaneous perhaps specifying an optimal file size (and erring on the long side) isn't necessary ?

Also, here is some GS discussion on RF64 files as storage: Do you use RF64?