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Originally Posted by Sascha Franck View Post
I don't believe for a second that you could get, say, a decent, let alone great modern rock rhythm tone out of a Champ in an iso box. If that was the case, people would do it all over the place. But they just don't.

Again, I would happily be proven wrong. But hey - there's no samples.

You sound like a moron, and don't have a clue what you are talking about.

Dude sent you a list of some of the greatest, most iconic, most emulated guitar tones ever recorded using small tweed amps. If you think a "modern sound" can't be derived from those amps, you are an idiot. It is in studios and live every day. And from any good tube guitar amp. Virtually every guitar track is done using tube amps, and many (or most) of them on lower wattage amps. The amp recorded most of all is vintage tweed, to this day.

Any great distorted tone can be derived from a great clean tone using pedals. And on tweeds, it sounds particularly good.

Your arguments are all over the place. Now its not "modern" enough. I thought the whole problem was volume.

Do people generally play Metallica on a tweed? No, they go to it for blues, vintage, classic rock tones. But they'd be surprised if they tried it. I play metal on a (larger) tweed all the time. It can put a Mesa Boogie to shame with the right speakers/cabinet, a distortion pedal and some turning of the EQ knobs.

Face the facts - modelers don't sound as good as amps, at any volume. Those acts you mentioned use them live when playing big stadiums, never recorded. They will tell you, and virtually every other pro, that it is a compromise in sound made for convenience.

My advice, especially to amateurs recording at home on a budget, is not to waste time and money on secondary solutions. Learn to master the real thing.