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I think I did more with the arrangement on this one. I'd love to know what you guys think, though. Should I add more to it arrangement-wise or do you think this one is better? Any input is really appreciated.
The sounds are fine. I like the drums.
Arrangement-wise it's like a demo you've started and need to do a lot more work on. A one bar drum beat and a few piano chords is not a song.
Not trying to be harsh, but I don't think you yet realise the hard work and inventiveness most musicians put into their tracks.
The first section is fine at first. The second section, you might call the 'B section', feels stiff and wooden. The simple piano part repeating is relentless and has no dynamics or human groove.
One and a half minutes in and you are still cycling around those two basic sections with no development.
You need to adds some new parts, make sure it is grooving. You can't just play piano chords on the first beat of every bar, quantise it 100% and feel like you've finished a song. That is going to intrigue and engage people.