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Are there any deals for Slate permanent/durable licenses? I was particularly looking for an FG-Stress deal, but I didn't see any deals at all. Not real familiar with the Slate ecosystem, and not rly interested in subs, anything I'm missing?
So the Slate newsletter came out today with some sales on durable licenses:

-FG Stress
-Virtual Mix Rack 2.0
-Verbsuite Classics

All for $150 each, so $50 off. I guess the VMR comes with a few units as fixed options, then... you can add more if you buy more or something? I know it's all heavily, heavily geared toward the subscription, but kind of confusing for a non-subber what exactly is going on. The pic show FG Stress in there, but it just comes with 4 included modules and a gain/meter thing. Probably cooler with the sub I'm sure.

Miiight pick up FG Stress, been on the radar. Prolly would have picked up Verbsuite but I just got Seventh Heaven Pro already, which is still on sale also. Verbsuite has some version of Liquidsonic's Briscasti IR's or something there also, along with a bunch of others, seems cool.

Good selection, discounts are pretty meh but oh well. They're pumpin' that sub, I get it.