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Yes, it's a bell curve.

The single-band test also highlights why tests like these range from nominally useful to pointless. A single band test is nice ('how well does this EQ perform at extreme boosts?') but I don't know if it necessarily serves an EQ well like Pensado, which is obviously a different beast than FabFilter or Crave.

Unfortunately -- something I've found now while playing with Acqua EQs in Plugin Doctor -- Acustica curves are very, very hard to match.
I totally agree with you about the the artificiality of matching single band curves and comparing sounds.

In addition, if plugin A produces a complex curve effortlessly and that curve really works well with the material,
and you have to spend, say, 30 minutes with an analyzer to reverse engineer/match it in plugin B, then even if A and B null, A has a clear
advantage over B in terms of achieving the desired sound in real-life conditions

Conversely, if you do not match fabfilter to pensando but try to match
pensado to fabfilter you may find that it takes equal or more effort for some settings. So the design of the shootout setup clearly and strongly affects
the conclusions drawn
, unless special care is given to nullifying such
design artifacts.

I also note that complex eq curves are produced by several
plugins, not just AA ones.