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Old 4th December 2019
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I have used a Nuage on loan for my latest feature film mix. So I have used it fully for three weeks and I used it instead of our existing S5MC.

After three weeks I'm more efficient on the Nuage than I have ever been on the S5MC. Despite that we have owned and I have used the S5MC almost daily for ten years.

The only parts where I still fell back to mouse and keyboard was searching for sound effects and for more complex editing and clip envelopes. Most basic editing while mixing is even faster to do on the Nuage (so you stay mix-focused and don’t really have to put on the ”editing hat”).

Using Nuage and syncing the visibility in the project window has been an eye opener big time. This is actually possible without the controller just using Nuendo. But having the physical controls and the direct access and visibility of what filters are set makes it so much more immediate on the Nuage.

Brief example:
You control overall levels using groups and need to adjust the level of a dialog track, hit expand on the Dia group so now only thes dia tracks are shown on both controller and the project window. The linking between mixer and project can be enabled or disabled depending on workflow. The filter keys allow you to enable or disable if you also want to see the linked reverb and groups (and or linked inputs/outputs/VCA/midi tracks etc).
The magic to me here is the linking between what is seen on both the project screen and on the mixer and that they are the same.

The use of the nice weighted wheel to navigate/zoom/select/adjust clip level/fade/cut/trim/move stuff is highly addictive and fast. This means that you stay at the controller for more of the time, thus becoming a faster user of it in a shorter time, the need to go and grab the mouse and keyboard all the time isn't at all as frequent as I have felt using other controllers.
You have direct high visibility access to what stem you are/want to listen to through the control room.

If you have eq/sends/filters/etc selected on the touch screen you will always directly see the settings of any selected channel.

Is Nuage the perfect controller? No. But it's pretty darn awesome.