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The thing I like best about editing on a controller with Nuendo, is that it's totally customizable. Any command, or favorite command sequence as a macro, can be assigned to any random button on the controller or your ASCII keyboard. So you can very quickly build up muscle memory to speed up the workflow: you don't have to mouse or look at the screen for a hotspot or virtual controller; your finger just flies to it. Ditto the knobs or sliders you reach for frequently: you can assign them to any encoder on an accessory panel.

That, and of course the whole idea of mixing by moving your fingers. I can't imagine trying to handle dialog without a couple of fingers ready on upcoming channels to jump a tiny amount for syllables that need help... or mix tracks without being able fade one channel up while fading another down and trimming a third, all while listening and looking at pix. Can't figure how I'd ever do that with a mouse.