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I now realised there is only one EQ boost point at 9.8k ONLY. Just wondering, is that a bell or a shelf? Knowing that, I would have focused on the top end comparisons more, rather than being more concerned about the sound as a whole, especially the bass where apparently nothing has been boosted or cut? Oh well, too late now.

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Its a bell curve
Yes, it's a bell curve.

The single-band test also highlights why tests like these range from nominally useful to pointless. A single band test is nice ('how well does this EQ perform at extreme boosts?') but I don't know if it necessarily serves an EQ well like Pensado, which is obviously a different beast than FabFilter or Crave.

Unfortunately -- something I've found now while playing with Acqua EQs in Plugin Doctor -- Acustica curves are very, very hard to match. They're not these geometrically, symmetrically perfect curves like we find in digital EQs but these organic monsters with minds of their own.

Of course, I could just do the boosts in Pensado and match as close as possible in the other EQs (read: not very close at all) and call it a test, which I would find useful too, but then the pedants with decibel meters will come out of the woodwork.

A user has requested testing additional modes in Crave, so I may redo the test with these additional modes plus doing a little mid-range boost. Would love to test the low-en on Pensado but the curve is too wild.

I'm also going to throw a curveball into the fray and let everyone decide if they like it.

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