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Old 3rd December 2019
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I'm another "plugins only" guy this year, but I'm pretty happy with what I got:

Upgraded to Soundtoys 5 complete for $200 since I already had Tremolator (which I'd gotten for freeee), and I'd been wanting Decapitator/Echo Boy/etc for a while. Loving 'em.

Got Waves REDD and tape saturator for about $30 each.

I really quite like the REDD and I've already used it on a session (saxophone tracking for a remote client). The tape is cool too, I think I'll like it more as I try it out on different sources. So far the REDD seems like it'll get more mileage, it sounds great to my ears on horn and vocal channels. Between that and Decapitator I have some really nice saturation options. I've been using Klanghelm SDRR on damn near everything for several years, and it's great, but I like these new (to me) options a lot.