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Old 3rd December 2019
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overcoming filesize limitations for remote recording

For those here mad enough to use a computer for location recording, what steps do you take to overcome filesize limitations when generating wav's ? I record with Reaper to a 64 bit Macbook Pro, at either 88.2 or 96k, and for a typical concert it doesn't take long to reach the 4GB limit.

Reaper seamlessly stops the current file at the limit size point, and creates a new one, with apparently no audible discontinuity between old and new files....but if I could stop this altogether I'd prefer that. creating stereo files (paired mics) just compounds the problem, esp at high sample rates...

Is it as simple as unticking the box in Preferences > Recording which says "Start new file after XXX MB" ...or perhaps selecting a different type of file which doesn't have this size limitation eg BWF WAV64 RF64 etc ?