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Old 3rd December 2019
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Volume dip on mobile/ is OK on PC

Hi there Gearslutz!

I've learned a lot from browsing these forums over the last year, and mainly I always found what I was looking for. Until now.

I have a problem (maybe it even isn't a real problem) when playing my music (classical/new age piano) on my Android phone. So basically, the mix sounds great when listening on PC, whether it's through my monitors/audio interface, my headphones (overear ones, both closed Sennheiser HD380 and open AKG 701), or even just the basic in-built speakers on my laptop. Everything is nice and gravy; levels are good in Cubase. But when I listen to it (WAV file, export in 44.1/16, 1411kbps L. Endian) on my phone, this weird thing happens: when the dynamics rise to the "loudest" part of the song, it suddenly get quieter, and the whole climax is not reached. And since this is classical music, dynamics are quite an important thing. I've tried a couple of media players on my phone, but the problem still persists.

I am thankful for any help!