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This! Discogs is THE place for this
This could be misleading depending on which song...if you find the single release and it was released after the album, you could get a false-positive. Discogs is an extremely good resourse but as with anything you shouldn't use it blind, use it in addition to other sources.

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Google is not clear.

I'm wondering what year the song by OutKast - Hey Ya! was released?

I typed "outkast hey ya release date" (no quotation marks) into Google and received both Google's "intelligently parsed" answer at the top (2003) and then the Wikipedia article as the second result just below with "Released‎: ‎September 9, 2003" as part of the search results, not even having to click through to the article.

Google does display different results to different regions but if you used a clear search term it should come up with something relatively straight-forward.