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Fair question and had considered it. I guess because Magpha is by default an ‘analog-ish’ curve, and since Equilibrium, FabFilter and Crave all offer an analog mode I figured it was as much an ‘analog curve comparison’ as anything else (assuming Pensado’s 9.8k band was hardware sampled and not software trickery).

And like a few mentioned here... listening on laptop speakers and iPads and whatnot, how important is it these days for exact apples-to-apples comparisons? I’m not sure. With my tinnitus and open-back Sennheisers these tests are always a hoot. :D

I plan on doing a shootout with AA Ruby2 and for Crave I’ll probably do transparent mode just to see if there’s a striking difference, good or bad (or if people notice listening on their earbuds
Right–I didn't mean to be picky I just happen to use curve all the time so I'm very familiar with the modes but "analog" would make more sense at a glance...regardless thx for the test