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Try Saturn on you mix bus. Magic mastering preset. Mind blown.

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didn't go too crazy

-Picked up FabFilter Saturn for $69 to complement the pro bundle I got last year.
-And Autotune Access for $49

randomly threw Saturn on the "claps" track of a beat I just started making in order to activate the soon as I did so and A/B-ed the default setting by toggling the power I was like "oh, ****! that's EXACTLY what this track needed, let me just leave it right here and not touch the settings, lol" at first listen...I know I'ma get my money's worth out of this one.

only had 2 free saturations plugins, Klaghelm IGVI (which usually makes my mix sound better in a subtle way, but i somehow always seem to make it sound worse when I move the knobs away from the default settings, lol) and Softtube saturation knob (which I find distorts way to quickly to be of much use). So Saturn should be a good upgrade

with Autotune, I'm a little bit disappointed by being limited to only 3 distinct re-tune speeds (I can hardly see myself using the robotic "Fast", but sometimes Medium may not be doing quite enough)...anyway, as a producer it's probable that I'll work with vocalist who want the standard "Autotune" sound, so might as well finally hop on the Antares bandwagon...especially now that they don't require ilok