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I was an enthusiastic, daily drinker for about two decades. But the charm war off.

I had been afraid of what life might be like without alcohol. But it was becoming clear that life with alcohol wasn't really much fun anymore, either. (25 years, now.)

I didn't do 'the program' -- but I already knew a lot of the techniques because many of my friends were in AA or NA. But I WOULD do the program if I thought there was a chance I might start feeling like I needed a drink. It's not perfect, no volunteer human enterprise can be, but 12 step discipline and peer counselling has helped a lot of folks. It's got a lot to offer, even for those who don't normally consider themselves 'joiners.'

You're lucky, in the sense that the motivation for not wanting to drink is coming from you, yourself. I think a lot of drinkers -- I know I did -- develop a kind of 'deafness' when GFs and pals comment on their drinking. It wasn't like I didn't know exactly what they were saying. I just didn't want to deal with it.

As was wisely noted above, it really sounds like you need to take care of yourself, first. You can't 'fix' someone else. (And if your thumbnail diagnosis of your friend is correct, it's not something you're likely to have much effect on -- and even less likely, if you, yourself, are currently 'self-medicating.')

Good luck and good healing to you... it's a long path... but so is life.

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